Maintenance Tips:

Most common part failure is the blade / bearing part from moisture being trapped between the black retaining ring and the blade bearing assembly.  This is easily prevented by looking for moisture after washing your container.

If you submerge the Jar in water when washing and the black retaining ring is loose, trapped water will be visible from the top of the container between the bottom of the jar and the black retaining ring.  Loosen the black retaining ring by hand to drain the trapped water and re-tighten the ring by hand.

Frequently check by hand that the black retaining ring is tight against the jar to ensure no leaks will occur which will damage the blade / bearing assembly.

Following these simple checks will ensure years of problem free blending.

Replacing Blade / Bearing Assembly

If your bearing can not free spin with your fingers (Image below) then your bearings within your blade / bearing assembly have seized. It is approx. a 5 minute fix to change this part.  You will need a new blade / bearing assembly before doing this repair.
Note:  If you continue to use your Jar with a partially seized blade / bearing assembly it will cause extra load (friction) on the drive socket on the motor base.  So eventually the drive socket will strip from the motor shaft and will need to be replaced.  Changing the drive socket is also about a 5-10 min fix as well.  Main Point is it is always best to fix an issue earlier than later.

Signs of Blade / Bearing Failure
Picture below shows bearing seal failure due to excess friction from bearing failure.

You will need to remove the black retaining ring that holds the blade assembly.  Do to this get a large tapered spoon and place between the gear and the space in the black retaining ring for leverage and turn counterclockwise to loosen the black retaining ring. (Note this direction is if you are looking at the bottom of the container)

Once the black retaining ring is loosened you can use your hand to loosen the black retaining ring the rest of the way until it comes off.

Note that there is an O-ring which fits in the groove of the black retaining ring.  Ensure this O-ring is free of debris.

The Blade / Bearing assembly will now just pull out of the top of the container.

When inserting the new blade / bearing assembly, ensure to line up the flat sides of your new blade assembly with the flat sides of the container.

Once the blade / bearing assembly is in hand tighten the black retaining ring to the blade assembly. Use the spoon to do the final tighten (clockwise to tighten). Check to see you cannot loosen the black ring by hand. This is to ensure no moisture gets trapped between the retaining ring and the blade assembly.

You have now completed changing your blade / bearing assembly.